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#3 Vision, Style and Creativity

They know vendors and definitely know how to put together your dream wedding!  Wedding coordinators have an eye for creativity, designing and ideas! They will think of things that you wouldn't have thought of. From setting up the tables, cards, plates and florals! Everything will be detailed to perfection! 

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#2 Vendor Referrals

What I mean by this is that, you do not need to worry finding the perfect vendors for you by style and budget. Your coordinator will happily find them for you! If you are a busy gal, this is something that you should consider of doing. After all, this is part of having a stress free wedding planning. Enjoy! 

#1 Stress Free

Your wedding planning and day should be as stress free as much as possible! Your wedding coordinator will plan, put together and even do the end of the day clean up. Yes, that's huge! Who wants to have mom and or sister clean up during your wedding and after? Family and friends should be enjoying and celebrating your wedding day with you.
Also, wedding coordinators are there to keep your vendors on a loop, guide and assist you and everyone else involved on your wedding. They will also make sure that everyone in the bridal party walks down the isle properly, and you assigned properly on the altar with your amazing husband to be. You would want the timing to be perfect, trust me. 
They will also make sure to keep your DJ in the loop, walking down the isle, cocktail hours and reception. And mostly to relief stress as much as possible on your half. They will be there to make sure that your wedding day from planning to exit goes smoothly as much as possible.

So YES, to the Wedding Coordinator, well worth the investment! Your wedding photographer will love you for it too! ;) Cheers!


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