How To Find The Perfect Wedding Photographer

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How to Find The Perfect Wedding Photographer

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Before you start shopping around for a photographer, believe it or not, there are 5 types of Wedding Photographers.


1.      Lifestyle. Photos that does not involve a lot of posing, but a mix of classic and portraits. Some poses during family and bridal shots, but everything stands still and the focus is on the moment. When you say “I do”, the first kiss, dance and natural settings. Mostly natural lighting as well.

2.      Classic. Photos of like the ones from your grandparents and parents album or wall. Formal and elegant.

3.      Artistic. The focus is not just with the bride, groom and the wedding party. But, also the surroundings.

4.      Dramatic. Lots of lighting manipulation is the key with a dramatic photographer. Making a certain color stand out more, rain or snow more noticeable, etc.

5.      Documentary. A lot of candid shots, spontaneous pictures, step by step images. Pictures of people in action.

Once you’ve figured out your wedding photographer style, you’ll have to ask yourself a couple of questions. Keep in mind, depending on your answers, you might have to adjust your budget a bit and be flexible to some changes. 

1.      What type of wedding photographer are you looking for?

2.      How many hours of coverage are you looking for?

3.      What do you want with your package (Digital images, prints, second shooter, etc.)?


It’s important to have a budget lined up. I think its best that you have every vendor listed with a budget. Wedding photography range from $2000.-$4500. Or higher. Yes, depending on the style and experience with what you are looking for. An average wedding photographer in Colorado and Southern California, you’ll spend close to $1999.-$3499.  A lot of brides and grooms are not aware of the process when looking for a photographer. I know some would feel that it’s ridiculously expensive. But, please keep in mind, a professional photographer doesn’t just show up at your wedding day and start shooting.  The list I created below will hopefully help you decide and understand what you are paying for when you hire a professional wedding photographer. Take a look at the list below…

·        Consultation.

·        Unlimited of emails and phone calls.

·        Planning and preparing for your engagement or boudoir session.

·        Preparation of your wedding day.

·        Venue walk through.

·        Preparation of your timeline.

·        At least 3 in person meetings (Skype or in person).

·        Meetings with other vendor (Especially with the planner or coordinator).

Professional photographers has to pay for up keeping of your gallery storage (Depending on each photographer, mine is up to 2 years), Liability Insurance, endless online classes and of course time spent to plan your amazing wedding day. Once your wedding day is done, your photographer’s job isn’t quite as done yet. Take a look at the list below…

·        Importing into 3 steps (For me 3). Saving on my internal hard drive, saving on my external hard drive and then, saving into the cloud drive.

·        Culling of the images (Going through and sorting out your gallery). An Elopement gallery range from 150-300+ images. An all-day coverage (6-10 hours) can range from 400-1100+ images.

·        Culling of the kept images.

·        Editing. Yes, editing of each and every single images that is left for delivery

·        Exporting all images into JPEG

·        Saving all edited jpeg images in to external hard drive and then cloud.

·        Upload your full gallery into the web gallery for your viewing.

·        Some more email exchanges for finalization.

·        Order costumed usb drive.

·        Mail your final wedding photography usb drive back up. 

·        Up keeping and storage of your gallery (Depending on each photographer, mine is 2 years).

Before you start shopping for that perfect photographer, I hope this blog helped you! Keep in mind, like I mentioned above… An average wedding photographer in Colorado and Southern California, you’ll spend close to $2,499.-$3799. Devorah Roldan Photography is a Denver | Orange County Lifestyle Wedding Photographer mix with Lifestyle, Documentary and some Artistic. There are photographers out there that doesn’t focus on just one style. I hope you find the perfect one for you and your fiancé!