Mommy | Business Owner | Full Time Employed

I have always worked full time in the business finance field, for as long as I could remember... and it has been forever! I was just thinking how hard it is being a career mom with elementary grade and high school grade aged kids can be. It's a lot harder than having little babies for sure. Seriously, it gets harder. I'm sorry if you're thinking that it will get easier.... it's not. ;)
I know, because I've experience it all. From newborn to 18 years of age. However, I was lucky enough that my parents were able to help me with childcare when they were younger and for emergencies (which we had a lot of them. Lol) especially when they couldn't go to the daycare. Babies are always sick. From ear infections, fever, cold, teething, cold, flu and cold (Cold seems like what they had 24/7). Yes, when your little angel has green runny nose, they are not allowed to go to the daycare. Yep, nope. Not allowed. Oh wait, I forgot to mention. Lice! Haha, yea. LICE! Major nightmare. So gross!!!
I remember when my kids were 5 and younger, all I did was take them to the daycare and then pick them up. Easy breezy, nothing else to worry about, except when my younger one would bite another kid back or end up throwing up or with a fever then I would have to pick them up early. Anyhow, we can do whatever for dinner, whether it would be from cooking to eating out. Then off to dream land they go at by 7pm. Yep, they had a night night routine and I loved it! At that time, I thought I was exhausted and it was so hard. Little did I know...
Now, it's so much more complex. It all started when they were in Kindergarten. Waking up 2 hours earlier than norm, homework after school (I should say, homework after work), dinner, shower and more homework. Finally bed time by 9. But, only if the night went smoothly.... yep. The homework gets worse too, if you have smart kids; the amount of homework doubles! It's not just for kids, you are literally doing homework with them, making sure they are right. The Math homework that they get isn't even close to what we used to get when we were in elementary school. I really love google, it will become your bible! That's the only way to get by, also the Google videos, those are great. Then there's the driving around after school and on weekends. The extra activities, they say it's good for the kids. But, isn't weekends supposed to be for resting? What's that, rest? When you have high school and elementary school aged kids, rest doesn't really exist, until they are about 15 years old. By that age, they know if they like soccer, choir or other activities that you once thought they loved! For some reason, once puberty hits, their brain turns into mush. They know it all, they are super sensitive and en emotional wreck. Yes, I am sorry... till they are about 15 years old. But then, it gets worse some more too, because you have to worry about the boys or girls that they are dating at school and the possibility of them getting pregnant (Anemia runs in the family, which puts them on birth control because of that. One thing that I am sort of grateful for. LOL) or you could have a boy, you know boys likes to test their limits and boundaries! That's a whole different ball game...Oh I forgot to mention. School drama, yep, school drama! It starts at 5 grade, mainly for girls. Why... no clue. I wish I knew what happened and why it starts so early. 
Being a mommy is not just being a mommy and giving birth to your sweet little angel. You are officially a Mommy, Chauffeur, Teacher, Coach, Nurse, Doctor, Dad, Chef and a HOUSEKEEPER! If you are lucky like me, you'll also be full time employed, who's career driven and a business owner! Whooo! 

Thanks for reading and letting me vent! I hear somebody calling, "Mommy"....