Brides Against Breast Cancer, Denver!

What an amazing event, wonderful people showed up to support Brides Against Breast Cancer. Great company, awesome food and great Colorado Brews! Everyone had such an amazing time! It a pleasure meeting Jana, Event Manager for BABC; it was awesome to have worked with her. She is such a sweet and caring person. Beautiful inside and out, I look forward to working with her again this summer!
I am so happy and proud to be part of an organization that supports Breast Cancer. Cancer is a very sensitive subject to me, I've lost loved ones due to cancer, family and friends who have beat cancer. Also, people who are currently struggling in hopes that they too will be able to conquer this horrible disease. I am a huge supporter of cancer both people and organization. My business has everything with pink. My logo, my business card and even my camera bag is pink! It's not just because I love the color pink, but also because I am a huge supporter of cancer. Let's fight against cancer and hope for permanent cure! Lifestyle Denver Photographer, Devorah Roldan Photography!