My Last Wedding Session for the 2015 Season

Yesterday was the last wedding session I have for the season. Bitter sweet.... This is my first year to shoot weddings, I managed to book 9 on my own! That's great, right? But somehow, I manage to think that I could have booked more. Sometimes, ourselves are our worst enemy when it comes to expectations. I push myself to do better, I go after my dreams and failure is not an option. I push and push, with no limit. I push to succeed and to learn. 
I wanted to make this weekend a good one. I know how weddings can be stressful, but I managed to find some kind of relaxation as well. I stayed at one of my favorite hotel in GJ, where the wedding was being held at too. My car never left the parking lot for 2 days! The Williams Wedding was so amazing, it was intimate. I cannot wait for all of you to read the blog and see the sneak peak. It was amazing.
Special thanks to the Napper and Williams Family for making me feel so welcomed and part of their family and friends, not just their photographer. What an amazing welcoming gift that was on my living area when I got there. Also, Spring Hill Suites Marriott in Grand Junction for making my stay relaxing and so welcoming what a great hospitality! The hotel manager was a big help during the wedding with accommodating with my requests and with all of the Napper and Williams guests and vendors! I couldn't of asked for a better way to shoot my last wedding for the season. It was amazing! Here's a toast to a wonderful 2015 Wedding Season and Cheers to what 2016 Wedding Season may bring! I am so lucky to be doing what I absolutely love and passion. 



Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. David Frost